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The Greek Adventure


Want to embark on a refreshing and inspiring adventure getaway to the beautiful Greek Athens?

Then look no further.


This trip will be a heart-racing, unforgettable adventure with a focus on physical and mental wellbeing and learning new skills to take home. At the heart of Amphibious Fit Retreats is an empowering experience of being immersed in the energising Mediterranean scene and culture, we will roam the local hot spots for adventure and natural thrills, a bonding experience with the fellow guests, and leaving feeling charged and invigorated by the experience of a lifetime.


Hosted with the Amphibious Fit team, the retreat is a jam-packed 5 days of stand up paddle boarding, tailored fitness classes, sunrise hikes, visits to the beautiful downtown Athens, local ruins and more!  The wonderful in house chef will prepare a delicious menu sourced and inspired locally that will leave you feeling wonderful inside and outside. 

You will also have the opportunity to kick back and relax, enjoy the Greek culture, beaches and beautiful surroundings.

You are in the supremely safe hands of the team and coaches who go to all-lengths to ensure the trip of a lifetime.

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