This year we have launched a new fitness class based specifically on Surfing. We formed this class through years of research on how the body benefits from being specifically conditioned and trained for it, and the ocean. Through personal experience with the unpredictable ocean we believe it is important to also train the body and mind to work together to be as safe and energy efficient as possible in a variety of different possible situations the ocean could bring upon. 

 This is a unique and detailed fitness class based on two main notions; being fit for surfing and being fit for the ocean. The simple aim of this class is to enhance your surfing experience – through strength, breath work and mind to muscle connection! We will go through a series of exercises aimed at building sustainable strength and power for your paddle, your pop up and your riding technique; working on each section of the movement to make sure you are using your body to its best ability to surf at your best! As well as working on the authentic movement with potency building exercises, we also work through the mind to muscle connection to make sure your energy and mindset are on the same wave length – getting the most out of your surfing! 

 Now that we have concentrated on the movement required, we believe it is also important to control your reactions– using breath control and mind set. Whether it be a tough paddle out to the line-up, a washing machine tumble or a turn of the unpredictable ocean, we can teach you specialist composure techniques that will sure you will always feel in control, safe and able to reserve your energy for longevity in the water. 

 This class is suitable for all levels of Surf enthusiasts – a way to see your surfing experience from a different perspective; to connect with your body with the ocean and drive your surfing. 

 Catch us at Surfing festivals and events this summer.