One to one

  •  1 hour £40.00 

  • Blocks of 10 for £350.00

Want to make the most of your workouts or just learn how to workout effectively? One to one training is perfect for maximizing your potential and getting the results you are after. I will individually tailor workouts to your specific goals and lifestyle needs, making sure each session is fun, fresh and fuss free.

Including Pre and post natal clients.



  • Catch us at Surfing festivals and events this summer

This year we have launched a new fitness class based specifically on Surfing. We formed this class through years of research on how the body benefits from being specifically conditioned and trained for it, and the ocean. Through personal experience with the unpredictable ocean we believe it is important to also train the body and mind to work together to be as safe and energy efficient as possible in a variety of different possible situations the ocean could bring upon. 

 This class is suitable for all levels of Surf enthusiasts – a way to see your surfing experience from a different perspective; to connect with your body with the ocean and drive your surfing. 


Transform package

  • 8 week £800.00 24 hours (3 x sessions a week and Boot camps)

Have an event you want to get in shape for… a wedding, a holiday? Of do you simply need a lifestyle change and want to live in a body you love and lead a fitter and fresher life?  Then join me on a journey you won’t regret. These transformation packages will guarantee you the results you want and teach you how to live a fitter and fuller life. With 24 hour support I will be beside you every step of the way.



  • From £30

Need help with your diet? Not sure when and what to eat to aid your workouts? Or do you just want a straight forward meal plan to help you get on track?

Healthy shouldn't be boring and boy do we have some treats up our sleeve!

Our nutrition plans are carefully designed around you and your happiness. We can help you reach your fitness and physique goals with an easy to follow, fuss free to cook and delicious meal plans! Our services range from one of recipes to completely tailored weekly meal plans complete with shopping lists!

Get in touch with Rumi our fantastic healthy cooking chef and get inspired!


Small group training

  • 1 hour £60.00 max 6 people

If you fancy getting fit with a friend by your side, why not take this option, a great way to get fit whilst having fun with your friends (or even partner) share the cost and see results together.